DIARIO: Malware Detector, Privacy Protector

DIARIO scans and analyzes documents in a static way keeping users’ content private

What is Diario?


OutlookOWA Plugin

This is a plugin to upload directly attached files from your Outlook Web Access or Outlook desktop version. Quite convenient for your daily mail. You do not need API key to use this.


(Anonymous client)

Standalone windows program to drag and drop any file and easily upload it to DIARIO. Download it here.


(Anonymous client)

Standalone .deb package to drag and drop any file and upload it to DIARIO. Download it here.

Mac OS

(Anonymous client)

Standalone Mac OS program to drag and drop any file and easily upload it to DIARIO. Download it here.

Anonymous client means that content of the files are never uploaded to our servers. But anyhow, even if updated, we do not keep them. If you are even more paranoid, you can build your own anonymous client.

Test it!

Currently accepted document types are DOC, DOCX and PDF.

  • DOC, DOCX, DOCM, DOT, DOTX. DOTM, XML (Word 2003 XML Document)
  • PDF

If you do not trust us and do not want to upload the whole document, use our special client, that will NOT upload the whole document.

Drag your files here

Analysis Result

Creative Concept Static Analysis

We do not use or store any document content, just its structure and formal characteristics. We extract the features that are not assignable to a single document in order to create an effective, predictive and intelligent analysis.

Amazing Design

We use our core malware detection learning based system from ElevenPaths (patent pending). A great solution for cloud computing environments.

Cost Effective

Use our API. It is free and mostly instant. Save time with our machine learning prediction structures.


We do not even need the content. If you wish, just send us some of the features from it. Content is never needed for our predictions.

Self Learning

DIARIO bridges a natural gap that antiviruses do not usually match. DIARIO is not intended to replace antiviruses, but to cover the gap with fresh samples: DIARIO is especially good detecting them. DIARIO helps detect fresh malware without compromising your privacy or sharing content.

Diario video
What do we offer?

Document oriented

Now we specialize in PDF and Office files.


We use machine based learning techniques, but they are trained with special sets of malware to reduce the gap between the “traditional solutions” and real malware issues.


Our analyses are ultra-fast. We do not even need the content of the document itself.


We want to keep privacy, privacy is respect.


We know… “intimacy” is not “privacy”… but we wanted an acronym.


You own your own data. You do not need to share it with someone else to check for malware.

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